Born on

June 4, 2018

Name: Admiral

Weight at Birth: 3.2 oz

Availability: HOLD

The Boy's!!


The Girls!!


XR's Nor'Easter

Name: Sergeant

Weight at Birth: 5.1 oz

Availability: HOLD


Name: General

Weight at Birth: 4.9 oz

Availability:  ADOPTED


Name:  Major

Weight at Birth: 4.3 oz


                       AM GCH / CAN GCH BPIS

                      XR Havoc on the High Seas

XR Havanese was filled with joy when our North presented to us her 7 beautiful babies on June 4, 2018*

This litter was the product of XR's top winning dogs and *WOW* we are very impressed!

With the six little fellows and one little lady prancing around our feet, we are sure to have a new show dog or two in our grasp!

Please enjoy the pictures and videos of our little Wonders because one of them could be yours!