2 Years Old

Sail's Wins

12 Weeks old

XR Havanese is very proud to love our beautiful girl "Sail".

 Glorybee Sets Sail at XR

Sail has become quite the little lady as she has grown. With a quiet disposition our Sail has become a very confident, self assured and showy little girl.

Sail knows that she has all of us wrapped around her champagne coloured paw because she is referred to as

The "Queen" of XR!

After taking a 2 year hiatus to become a mother of XR Champions, our Sail strutted back into the show ring on Feb 19, 2016.

Sail walked out taking Winners Bitch & Best Of Opposite Sex!

The very next day Sail took Best Of Breed over specials for a Major win! Welcome back Sail!!

Canadian Champion Glorybee Sets Sail AT XR has Arrived!!! Sail finished her Championship on April 17th, 2016 going WB! Within 2 short months of coming back into the show ring, our beauty grabbed her championship with both paws and we are very proud!